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Conditional Wagering

Posted on June 9th, 2015 by Admin

Conditional Wagering...


Conditional wagering is fairly new concept in ADW software programming that lets the user set parameters on a wager. While the first and most common condition is "minimum odds" on a win wager where the user places a bet and places a condition of a minimum of 3-1 on that bet. What happens behind the scenes is, at zero minutes to post (before wagering closes) the software will look at the odds of the horse with the condtional bet. If the odds are 3-1 or greater, the software processes and places the bet, if the odds are lower than the 3-1 condition, the bet is cancelled and the bet amount is returned to the users account balance.

AMWAGER.com has taken many steps forward in the conditional wagering field by adding such extras as maximum odds, conditional wagering on win, place, show and exacta and even resources to conditionally bet a trifecta. On top of these offerings, they also have a built in "Dutch Wagering" option, stacked bet options and the ability to use the kelly criterion based on the value of your bet and the size of your bankroll.