The Trackers are designed to show you long-term race results under a variety of changeable conditions. Suppose you want to “Track” the top Beyers Speed Figure in a thousand races. All you do is add the top Beyer Speed horse in each race for a thousand races (or more/less whatever you want! 10,000 races? Go for it!) once they are in the tracker, the tracker will tell you what the win/loss amounts are based on a $2.00 bet. Now suppose you want to limit the tracker to only horses that were 3-1 or higher, simply set the tracker to 3-1 and presto! the tracker will recalculate the results only using horses that were 3-1 or higher! Set the odds as low or as high as you want and see the change in results instantly! You can then make more changes. Maybe you want to see how the results look using only dirt sprints? Easy! Just set the tracker to only calculate races on the dirt that are 4.5 to 6.5 furlongs (or whatever distances you want) and voila! The tracker recalculates again and tells you exactly how much you would have won or lost had you bet every one of those races! You can change the race distance, surface, odds, dates, what track you want the tracker to use and more! Make all the changes you want as many times as you want, and the tracker software will tell you the results based on whatever criteria you choose to use.